Monday, January 26, 2009

New World! New Year! New Friend! (from previous blog)

On 26 Disember 2008 I experienced new thing in my life. Just forget about the bored and tiring MMS (Minggu Mesra Siswa), so we started out class on 30 Disember 2008.
Starting our semester with the Hijri and Masihi New Year, i filled with new hope or “azam baru”. On our 1st class meeting, we met at Sri Laksamana with our program coordinator. before that, i were choosen by my friend as class representative (kira ketua darjah la ni). I don’t know why they choose me.. Am i the most handsome man in my class or i have the criteria to be a good leader?? I hope my heart always IKHLAS doing this job. Aminnn
Talking about my class.. Mmmm. Our group name is CSD1S1 from Diploma in Computer Science. There are 8 boy n 17 girl here. Mostly are Johorian. Alhamdulillah, all of the boy i remembered clearly but the girl it is a bit difficult to remember. So many share the same name. A lot of Nur, A lot of Nuriza and Fatin too. We, the boys only know their comercial name like Abby, Pa, Ardi, Adeq, Fafa, Fifi, Fufu?? But i think someday we will know each other well.
At this semester, we have 6 different courses to attend with different lecturer. i find little funny when i heard my friend call our lecturer “Cikgu!!”. So formal like studying at school. Hehe. But that is the part of learning process.. Our 1st lecturer is Puan Sharifah. She is very funny n kind to us. She teach C++ programming. Quite difficult courses but I think we need time to catch the syllibus. Our next lecturer is Puan Siti Fatimah who taught us mathematics. Quite funny although her face seem like angry. I think she recently married because i heard last semester her student called her Miss.
For English class, we have 2 lecturer. The 1st one is Mr. James Kuna Ratnam and the second one is Miss Fazdilah. They are very interesting lecturer and funny.

CSC 119 Courses

Sometimes, we had to face different lecturer in same courses. For CSC119 courses, we recently meet with Mr Abd Malik, the young and happy go lucky lecturer who ask me and my classmate to create a blog. Although it is a little bit hard to do but i think this kind of method are suitable for us, as Computer Science student. Besides we can create our own blo and it realy interesting for me.
From the class, what we learnt is about computer from chapter one. It is about hardware, software, the evolution of computer and many things. It’s really interesting for me. From the class I know there3 type of local networking like LAN (Local Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network).

I hope my blog will be part of the information site since this is my 1st blog and i want to create more and more information to you. please support me..

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